19 Dec

Why Poems Don't Make Sense

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I owe many thanks to David and Emilia at 32 Poems Blog for all their help editing this essay.


28 Nov

The Gentle and the Mean

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Grand Central Review has just launched and in the inaugural issue included an essay of mine on Robert Penn Warren.


14 Jul

Beauty is found in things at times

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Joshua Beckman wrote another book, and I wrote a review. It's long, but Smartish Pace kindly published it today.


21 Jul

Review in The Journal

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Ryan Wilson kindly wrote a review of Dirge for an Imaginary World in The Journal. Here's a link:


In the same issue, I wrote a review of Alan Shapiro's collection, Night of the Republic. Here's that:


Thanks to Ryan and The Journal!

18 Feb

32 Poems Blog

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32 Poems has been kind enough to post an essay of mine on Maryann Corbett's fine poem, "Campus and Dinkytown."

21 Sep

Baltimore Fishbowl: The Lit Parade

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How kind of Baltimore musician/critic/hair model Joseph Martin to mention both Joanna's book and mine in his new column.
Thanks, Joe.

02 Aug

Armchair Audience

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A kind stranger featured a poem from the book on his blog. If he feels about poems the way he does about movies, then this was a fine compliment.

17 Jul

Deus Lux Mea Est

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Catholic University has charmingly posted a small thing about me. Thanks, Catholic University.

03 Jul

Cumberland Plateau

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Joanna and I are happy to be getting ready for the Sewanee Writers' Conference, which is coming up at the end of the month. Our fellow scholars look to be a pretty intimidating crowd, so I'll be glad to have Joanna's charm on hand to win their affection. If anyone else is headed there, please let us know. We'll be glad of the friendly company.

15 Jun


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A pleasant surprise from Verse Daily: http://www.versedaily.org/2012/highwaymedians.shtml