10 Jun

What the anvil?

Published by Matthew Buckley...

Just returned from five days of soul-shaving, liver-pickling, poetic Drang in glistening West Chester, Pennsylvania. Among the pleasures of the conference were Aaron Poochigian's sad and beautiful book, The Cosmic Purr, and young Walter Ancarrow's instantly anthologizeable "The Liger."

Also a reward was finally getting to hold Joanna's book, Oldest Mortal Myth, in real, legitimate, codex form.


02 May

Convergence of the Twain

Published by Matthew Buckley...

Anyone who plans to attend this year's West Chester Poetry Conference, please let me know. My wife, Joanna, and I will be there.
I'll have the pleasure of saying some things while sitting at a table with Maryann Corbett, Annabelle Moseley, and R. S. Gwynn for the First Books Panel in the early afternoon on Wednesday, June 6.
Shortly after, I'll have the considerably greater pleasure of seeing Joanna honored for her first book, Oldest Mortal Myth.

11 Apr

Lepidum Novum Libellum

Published by Matthew Buckley...

Dirge for an Imaginary World now exists in tangible, paper-and-glue form.
It's a lovely object, so please order a copy--even if only to make your bookshelf more picturesque!